Sue Denim at The Workshop in Road Trip Bar by Nadim Essop

I’ve always had a certain set of beliefs about my relationship to music (though, I will not be going into detail!!!), so I was very pleased when the opportunity presented itself to do my first ever gig review. Reviewing music in its various functions has always been something I’ve thought about, but I guess I have never had the courage to actually do it.

Reviewing Sue Denim And the Unicorn was a great first time experience. Though Sue is an artist I possibly wouldn’t have come across in amongst the hordes of new music that get released and promoted every day, I was familiar with Robots in Disguise.

The evening of November 16th, at this friendly bar, was well under way before Denim graced the stage in its intimate basement venue, The Workshop. Singer Kumi, and her band were very well received (and a pleasant and enjoyable surprise for myself), whetting the appetite of the crowd for more aural delights to come. When the fly Ms. Denim graced the stage, rocking a newly dyed blue hair-do and was joined by the striking unicorn, David Wrench (producer/musician/engineer extraordinaire), the show ignited.

It was a much stripped back affair that initially had me confused. I was doubtful as to how the music would work with all the bouncy energy that Sue obviously had. It worked perfectly. Sue spent the evening jumping around the stage, walking into the crowd, interacting with audience members and just generally enjoying herself, having fun and giving back the love her audience obviously had for her.  She played acoustic guitar for most songs and David Wrench was either on keyboard or playing percussion or playing both at the same time.

Sue started off with ‘The Plan’ but soon got the audience going with ‘Alfie’, a cute song about her dog. She confidently and beautifully performed almost all the songs from her album barring, surprisingly, ‘Superunicorn’, possibly as it would have required some additional onstage vocals to help with some of the harmonies and to communicate the ethereal ‘magic’ of the song.

I found Sue to be very warm and charming, not only during her interactions with the audience, but it also came across in her demeanour on stage and her whimsical and sometimes fantastical lyrics.

I had a sense that a lot of the songs were quite personal and honest. Through the creative and unique use of words, it’s apparent that Sue enjoys reading. This was plain to see during her performance of ‘For JT & Carson & Emli’, wherein Sue spent quite some time asking the audience about their favourite characters from literature.
I was glad that I attended the gig and discovered some new music which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was very pleased to meet the lovely and beautiful Sue Denim and I found her willingness to go around talking to the audience after her performance very admirable. She has most certainly got a new listener in me.Sue is an energetic and exuberant performer, and has many songs which match that energy. However, I was more captivated by Sue when she performed her slower, more intimate songs.  She displayed an honesty and tenderness on many of her songs like, ‘Walking Into Walls’ (my particular favourite) and ‘The Plan’ which again, showed how unique a vocalist and performer she is. Her sometimes powerful emotions came across in between the lines of her words, and through her shining voice.

This is Nadim’s first contribution to We Geeked This and GEEKED, although it certainly will not be his last! 

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