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Hey there!

We’re psyched you are considering submitting a piece to GEEKED! We’re open to a variety of works, be it writing, illustration, or even music playlists! We do have a few guidelines tho- and there are some questions we are frequently asked that you might want to peruse before sending us a pitch…

1.) Is this a paid gig? 

Unfortunately, no 🙁 although we desperately wish it was! We are a very tiny zine (run by two women who both work other, full-time jobs) which does not run advertising (any previous adverts have been donated by us to small business or arts orgs we admire), it does not have any corporate sponsorship, and which relies entirely on sales or the occasional reader donation to run. We know how valuable your writing or art work is, and one of our goals is to try to help you get it out into the world so that lots of people can patronize your talent. We’re still working on expanding the business side of GEEKED so that someday, we will be able to compensate our talented contributors, but for now, all proceeds from GEEKED sales go directly into the costs of making the next issue and everyone who contributes to GEEKED does so on a volunteer basis.

2.) What if I’m not a Londoner, will I still be able to get a copy of the zine?

Absolutely! There are a couple options available for you if you are an international contributor: 1) You can purchase your copy or copies from our Newsstand page. Newsstand has a corporate account with the post office and therefore, their shipping rates are often better than what we, as individuals, can get. However, 2) we’re also willing to send you a copy personally if you prefer so just drop us an email and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.

3.) What are the submission specs for images, comics, etc.?

All of our specs are outlined here, on our webpage. If you have further questions about these specs, you can email

4.) I’m done with my article/comic, what else do you need from me?

In addition to your work, we will also need the following info:

Name of the author;

A short biography 50 words maximum (make it silly or serious, but in the 3rd person);

Website address, Twitter account (if applicable) so that the readers can follow and contact the author.

If the author prefers not to reveal this information, we will respect it and include only their name.

5.) Can I recirculate my piece on my own website?

Of course, although we would kindly request that you wait to do so until after the publication date of the issue. Also, we would ask that you include a note (either at the bottom of a text, or in the description of the image) which makes it clear to viewers/readers that this piece was first included in GEEKED.

If you have other questions you can check our Submissions page, or email us at Hope to hear from you soon!

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