Halloween Party Bites

By now you know how much we here at GEEKED love Halloween, so following from Sam Crazy Aunt Susie’s Litter Box Cake – which was quite something uh? –  here are a few more ideas to add to your Halloween table of Horrors.



Gisela’s Pepper Heads and Tuna Pate Vomit



1 boiled egg (optional)
2 tins of tuna
2 garlic cloves minced
1 medium onion roughly chopped 2 peppers
Black pepper


Mix everything (minus the egg and peppers) using a hand mixer or a food processor. Now slice the egg and one of the peppers very finely and mix in with pate so it look more like indigested food in the vomit.

Carve the remaining pepper like you would do with a pumpkin and place it on a tray with the pate coming out of its mouth, serve with mini toast or breadsticks.


Eyeball Cupcakes



Your favourite Betty Crocker Cupcake Mix (or any other Cupcake recipe really) Vanilla Buttercream Icing
Red and blue icing for decoration

M&Ms®Method:Make your cupcakes. Let them cool completely.
Cover them with the buttercream icing and then decorate them as shown in the pictures, stick an M&M® in the midle to make the iris.


Chocolate Mousse Graveyard



A batch of your favourite Chocolate Mousse Desiccated coconut (enough to cover the mousse)
Green food colourant

4 to 6 Oreo biscuits
A few gravestone shaped biscuits (rich tea fingers for example)


Make your chocolate mousse and put in a large tray. Let it cool completely.
In a bowl add the desiccated coconut with just a couple of drops of food colouring – add more as and if you need it – mix well so that all the coconut is nice and green like fresh grass. Lay on top of the mousse.

Twist your Oreo remove the cream, crumble the buiscuit and make little soil piles as freshly covered graves. Stick a biscuit on the top of each grave as grave stones.

If you are so inclined you can dip the biscuits in white chocolate or cover them with white frosting and while you’re at it why not add some gummy worms or zombie hands in the dirt.


Dead men dogs



Part Baked Mini-Baguettes Hot dogs


Put the mini-baguettes in the oven according to package instructions.
Meanwhile start working your dogs. Cut 1/2 of the dog to make the arms and head use the other half for the body.

Body – cut a little triangle in the midle bottom to make the shape of the legs.
Head – cut a 1cm slice off the bottom part of the second half;
Arms – using the remaining bit of the second half cut two thin slices off of the sides of the dog lenghtways.
When the bread is ready remove some of the inside to make room for the body, and put all the parts together.

You can serve with a little ketchup as blood.

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