On my way to Gingerbread Land

So Christmas is coming and I am in charge of the decorations as my job requires.

Crafty as I am in order to decorate the Children Department of the bookshop I decided I would bake my own Gingerbread house and man, take pictures and mount these to have a huge and original Gingerbread House in the department.

Well, let’s just say my trip to Gingerbread Land didn’t finish as well as I wanted, maybe I should have packed better for the weather.

Let me give you a photo tour of my adventure.

First I grabbed my lucky gingerbread man apron:

Then got all the ingredients together:

Mixed all the spices and flour together:

Added the eggs and Golden Syrup:

Rolled the delicious dough, but at this point my husband got excited about the whole idea and did this himself:

Cut it into funny house shapes:

Put it in the oven, Mmmmmm it smelled so lovely:

Took it out before it burnt:

And put it together and decorated it:

Ok… So it doesn’t look amaaaaazing. Or at least not as amazing as I expected it to look. But I’ll be back down this street soon and I will master my Gingerbread House baking skills.

Saying this it didn’t last long at all, with so many people willing to taste the cute if a bit wobbly little house made by moi-même.


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    Aw, I am so glad to hear (read) that. That’s all we want, to help people and inspire them to find and embrace their womanhood, whether woman or indeed man.

    Keep checking for new posts and art work.

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      Hi, thank you for your comment.
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