MCMExpo Rule 63 and Cosplay

We’ve just completed our first day at the MCM Comic Con and we are SO excited about the amazing people we’ve met so far. Even more than that, we’ve seen some truly excellent cosplay!

In issue three, The Illustration Issue, Chloe M. explains Rule 63:

Rule 63 states thusly: For every male character, somewhere on the internet exists a badass female version of that character. (The badass qualifier might have been mine. You can prove nothing.)

This means lady-bros dressing as bros because they like the character as (he) is and they don’t see any reason they can’t cosplay as the hero too. Here are a few we saw that we really dug:

photo (1)


*Notice the lady-HeMan*


For more info on Captain America’s costume log on to

Another thing we find really important to keep in mind about cosplay is that it does not equal consent… consent to hug, consent to pat, to photograph, certainly not consent to grope. Beth Slater, aka CiderBat, also writes in issue three and she explains that as a cosplayer, she never takes for granted that other cosplayers are happy to have their photos taken. Even when cosplayers have clearly put a lot of effort into their costumes (like the lady below), we still believe it’s necessary to ask permission for photos:


Perhaps even more important, even when a cosplayer is in a ‘revealing’ or tight costume, there is absolutely no excuse for unsolicited contact. Cosplay =/= Consent. As Beth writes, ‘harassment is always wrong, whatever the context’. We soundly reject any defense of harassing behavior that hinges on ‘she was asking for it’… asking for what? A chance to knee you in the crotch? Eh, maybe.

What do you think about cosplay? What are your experiences? Are you at MCM and cosplaying? Tweet at us with your photos, or send us your thoughts below!


  • May 29, 2013 - 16:38 | Permalink

    Absolutely, cosplay =/= consent. People take advantage of a convention where free expression is encouraged and make it uncomfortable or unpleasant for others and these are the kind of people NOBODY wants there.

    Also thank you so much for your compliments on my cosplay and THANK YOU for the photo of my Tooth Fairy 😀 I love your Avengers bracelet, its so cute!

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