London Film and Comic Con Cosplay Top 10 by Beth Slater

Whilst the Geeked table was enjoying the hours of endless fun at London Film and Comic Con in Earl’s Court 2 over the weekend, we couldn’t help but get excited by the lovely cosplayers visiting our table. We were looking out for people honouring less obvious characters, things we hadn’t seen before, or brilliant adaptations. So brace yourself for the greatest awards of all time, the list everyone who’s anyone wants to be on, the most sought-after recognition of the century: It’s the Geeked’s Cosplays What We Saw And Liked At LFCC Top Ten 2013 ( GCWWSALALTT 2013)!


In at number 10 – Marty McFly. A well known character but this guy had the attention to detail and the pose spot on.




In 9th Place is Catwoman – but finally an early version. So nice to see some colour that represents the look of those 40’s comics. Now all that’s needed is for someone to do Selina’s first appearance as ‘The Cat’ from Batman #1





Number 8 –Commissioner Jim Gordon. The subtlety was unparalleled. Plus a full five minutes spent regluing his ‘tache for the express purposes of this picture. It’s both minimal and maximum effort. He even let slip that he was packing a batarang. Not for show …just for his own reassuring knowledge.

gordon1 gordon2



7th position goes to Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker. Just two muddled people trying to get through life without turning bitter. The unsung heroes.






6th place in this most prestigious list goes to this amazing casual Carol Danvers combo crossplay. A few Captain Marvel’s were spotted, but this pays homage to her Ms. Marvel (1978) costume as well as being the only crossplay Carol in attendance. Check out Matt’s other costumes at

cap1 cap2 marv2 marv1

In 5th place – he’s big and bed, well he only looks bad, really he’s working for the good guys – Hellboy. This guy was actually massive and anyone who can walk around with those chops in that heat gets our immediate respect.

hellboy2 hellboy1



In 4th place is original Batman. He doesn’t need the moulded pecks, shiny leather or black eye makeup because he’s got the balls to walk around in this baggy grey onepiece. True dedication to the character and putting up with mismatched eyeholes gets this caped crusader in the top five..

batman1 batman2


A well-deserved 3rd place goes to these Joker/Harley Quinn costumes. Not strictly crossplay but more a reinvention of the characters. You can see a lot of thought has gone into the modification and gender adaptation. We especially like swapping Harley’s hat and collar for a bandanna and tie. If there’s any pair that is going to break the rules, it’s them.

jokerquinn2 jokerquinn1



Number 2 – Calypso. She totally pulls off the pirate look without the need for a tricorne or pistol. The haunting ability to creep us out makes her our runner up.

calipso2 calipso1



And finally 1st place in the top ten list of LFCC 2013 cosplay according to the Geeked table is Michael Hall (@s6boy) as Mrs Nesbitt. Why do Buzz, when you can add a hat and an apron and do the greatest and most delusional version of Buzz?

buzz1 buzz2

I know he’s just thrilled.



Beth Slater studied Journalism and Creative Writing at UEL and then Comic Book Art at UAL. After abandoning her life as an East-End barmaid, she is currently developing her portfolio and website. She spends weekends wearing Lycra at comic conventions. Her heroes are Jim Lee, David Attenborough and Dead-Eye Duck.


Twitter: @ciderbat


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    Thanks for picking me!
    I wish I’d seen that Batman – I was looking for one like that All Day to menace!

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