Join the Debate: We Are EQUALS in Association with GEEKED by Mickey Elliott

In partnership with We Are EQUALS, GEEKED contributor Mickey Elliott created a resource for all women and men who are not satisfied that human equality has been achieved. Here, she talks about her inspiration for her work:

‘We still live in a time where most women will suffer inequality at some point in their lives. Mothers returning to the workplace will face challenges that they’ve never had before, challenges that their male counterparts will not.  If a man took a year off to care for their child, it may be seen as “modern” and “equal” but the expectation is still that he will not, and the mother will be left to look after the baby long after the physical effects of the birth have worn off.  It is still a fact that over 30,000 women lose their jobs each year because they are pregnant, whether because they are deemed no longer capable, no longer reliable, or no longer a valuable asset to the company.  It does not matter what religion you are, what the colour of your skin is, how successful or well paid you are.  You may still suffer discrimination based solely on the fact that you possess a womb’.

job loss from pregnancy poster

Mickey Elliott has worked in information analysis and graphic design for a few years. She completed art and design A levels at college and then read Criminal Law at university. After realising that this would land her a job working with criminals, she returned first to the statistical scene, and later embraced her creative side, often marrying the two fields together to make information beautiful. She enjoys helping people get their message across, she loves working with colour and adores playing with words. She burns even in the weak English sun and always eats dessert first (a fact which confuses and amuses many waitresses). For more of Mickey’s work, log on to her website.

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