Because today is our second birthday (aren’t we cute? BABY HULK SMASH NOMMY BIRTHDAY CAKE) we’ve decided to roll out some awesome news! Issue 8, set to arrive early in 2015, will revolve around the theme of Breaking Boundaries and it will be our first time back IN PRINT!!!
First: the theme. We’ve chosen Breaking Boundaries because it speaks to what we have always tried to do and to the vision we have for the zine going forward. We want to continue to explore comics, culture and gender in ways that truly depart from the mainstream. Each issue we have created over the last two years examined some part of GEEK culture in wonderfully unique ways and with a new issue and a new year, we want to rock that even harder! We want Issue 8 to be all about the outstanding GEEKery that Hulk-smashes the boundaries of the mainstream!
Second: the format. After talking with y’all at conventions and on social media, we’ve discovered that you really love the zine best when it’s in print. We’re so glad that our online issues have helped us to make more new friends, and that they are accessible to all GEEKs everywhere, but we also appreciate how seductive the printed issues are. That’s why we’re aiming to move back into print in a bi-annual format. We’ll put out two printed zines a year, one in Spring, and one in Autumn. The first one will be Issue 8: Breaking Boundaries.
In order to bring GEEKED back to print, we’re going to need your help! We want to keep the zine as affordable as possible but to re-start the printing process we’ll need fresh funds. Beginning in February 2015, we’ll launch a Reboot Kickstarter which will not only help us to bring GEEKED back into print, but that will also enable us to begin compensating our contributors. We love the art and writing we get and we want to reward the folks who create this fabulous work, our Kickstarter will help us to finally recognize our contributors in the way they deserve.
What do we need from you? Well first, we need your submissions! We want to have the zine compiled and ready to go by the time our Kickstarter expires so let’s get started!


Because the theme is so broad, we’re sending out a ‘You Call It’ request for submissions. We want YOU to tell us what awesome  artists, designers, writers, musicians, and creators are Breaking Boundaries and how. All written pieces should be 1000 words max. and where relevant, should include images or permissions to re-circulate images. In your pitch, send us a brief summary of what you would like to write, and what section you feel your piece should go in. If you’re a comic-creator, send us a link to your previous work, or give us a rough story board of the comic you would like to submit.
GEEKED pieces are organized into the following subject areas: Art, Fashion, Film, Performing Arts, Music, Flash Fiction or Literature, Graphic Novels/Comics, Feminist City (review of a feminist place or business in London), Food, and A Word from the Y (a feminist guy’s take on things).


We also need illustrators! We prefer our pieces to be illustrated whenever possible so if you’re willing to lend your talents to decorating the writing with some pretty, gives us a shout. Tell us whether you’re happy to illustrate an assigned piece, or if you want to submit something in particular. Also, if you have an online porfolio, hook us up with a link so we can take a peek at your work.
All feminist GEEKS are welcome to submit but we would like to particularly encourage trans*GEEKS, GEEKS of colour, and disabled GEEKS.
Please send pitches to ASAP but no later than 31 January 2015!!
Start spreading the word that we’re looking for Boundary-Breaking GEEKery and that we’re coming back to print! And keep an eye out for the announcement of our Kickstarter in 2015. Let’s make 2015 a total SMASH!


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