Francesca Fini and the wonderful world of Video Art

As most filmmaking students when at university I developed a great passion for experimental and avant-garde short films.

The freedom of using multi media art as a blank canvas to speak our minds is one of the most fulfilling achievements in filmmaking. The resources and materials can vary from super8, video, animation, photography, etc  to a mixture of various media, the choices are as limitless as the filmmaker’s imagination. Further more most of these can be done in a micro to short budget, which allows the filmmaker to be true to his/hers ideas and carry them through without compromise and pressure from production companies.

The problem with short films though is that distribution and exhibition is rather limited as Elsey and Kelly of the British Film Institute assert:

What all these shorts do share is the opportunity they offer film-makers to practise their art outside the pressure of feature film and television production. Unfortunately, what they also have in common – apart from the advertising commercial – is the limited distribution, which means that most readers will not have had an opportunity to see them.


Considering this I will attempt to talk to you about different and brilliant artists in this field. Whether you know them already or you’re hearing about them for the first time, I hope I will be sharing something very special with you.

So today I bring you Francesca Fini, enjoy!


Francesca Fini


Francesca Fini is an italian live media performer and video artist.

Trained in the digital arts she worked for 15 years on TV and independent productions as a filmmaker before she met American artist Kristin Jones in 2000 with whom she collaborated in various multimedia installations.

Since then she has taken part in many happenings in art galleries and in the underground art scene.

Her video art is rich in symbolism even if simplistic in form, achieved by an incredible use of props, make-up, body movement and music, making the usage of dialogue redundant. These works are more often then not essays on femininity, beauty, the body, insecurities, paranoia and the lost of freedom.

written and directed by Francesca Fini, starring Letizia Lucchini, D.O.P Marco Carosi, body suspension by Maestro BD

This is probably one of my favourite films by her.

Here a woman surrounded by 3 pure white walls and a glass from which we can see her, finds herself interacting with a mirrorball. Her interaction with this inanimate non-judgemental object grows to such an extent that she becomes the mirror herself mesmerised by her own image of beauty, which eventually leads to her death. We, the society, as voyers watch this dance in search for “artificial beauty” in silence and resignation.


WOMBS (2012)
a video by Francesca Fini, starring Eithel Di Tondo with music by Sanmi is described by the artist as:

How do you see yourself in the mirror? We do not ever see how others see us, we do not see how we really are. Wombs is some sort of dream about femininity. A woman meets her golem, a piece of clay without features, to be fashioned at will. The golem is a double of the woman, but an amorphous double, a newborn entity still sealed in its purity and fierce innocence. A deity (maybe an evil one) who is daughter and mother at the same time, in whose womb the woman hides to find peace.


She has been nominated for various awards and most recently her video “Blood” was one of the winners at the Magmart Videoart Festival 2012.


Her latest project is a work in progress under the name “With an Helmet”, a cycle of videos where in different situations the artist uses electrodes to provoke involuntary contractions, depicting this way the vulnerability of a body or nation that is not in control/knowledge of it’s own actions or history.

You can learn more about Francesca Fini on her website and watch her shorts on her Vimeo page.


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  • Francesca Fini
    February 4, 2013 - 01:15 | Permalink

    superthanks!! Loved the review!

  • Sofia
    February 6, 2013 - 23:27 | Permalink

    Thank you for reading Francesca, it was my pleasure to review your fantastic work.

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