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A GEEK Against Gok by Zoe Burgess

So we’ve all been there, lost confidence in our looks or bodies, felt uncomfortable about the person we are, and lonely because we don’t [...]

CatMo or CatNo? Re-examining Popular White Feminism

I had the opportunity to interview Caitlin Moran for our first issue of GEEKED. I was irrationally excited and, as I stated in my piece, pla [...]

I Stand With Texas Women

On this side of the pond, my work day is over. It’s 6:30pm (as I sit down to write) and I should be relaxing with a glass of wine, try [...]

Gendered Fantasies and Fears in Science Fiction by Emerald Elizabeth

The divide between different male fantasies seems vast, but they all seem to stem from a similar desire. Power. In spy novels, the main char [...]

MCM ComicCon Your Way

Hey y’all, We had a SUPER long, but super awesome day! We sold zines, more of Cider Bat’s awesome jewelry and some prints from o [...]

MCMExpo Rule 63 and Cosplay

We’ve just completed our first day at the MCM Comic Con and we are SO excited about the amazing people we’ve met so far. Even mo [...]

Engendered Species by Ben Goldstein

We found this comic last week and decided to share it here with you. We hope you like it.   [...]

Hawkeye by Rosa Middleton

In our current zine, The Illustration Issue, Chloe Mavrommatis gives us the low-down on the hilarious and inspiring Hawkeye Initiative and o [...]

Table of Contents for The Illustration Issue

A HUGE thanks to Marma Gilligan (who will receive a copy of Issue One, Issue Two and a voucher for free Anna Mae’s mac n’ chee [...]

Cover Reveal and The Big Surprise

Huzzah! We reached £100 today so now it’s time for a group celebration! **First! The cover for Issue Three, ‘The Illustration I [...]

Terry Moore the man who hates men (well, not really…)

… but that is what he was asked on numerous occasions when he published his first comics, Strangers in Paradise, in 1993. Why? Becau [...]

Fan-Girling on Erika Moen by Lauren Maier

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat and stared at this page, struggling to come up with the words I need to talk about the ama [...]

Tomboy by Thomas McColl

Like many repressed transvestites, I don’t do boring or drab when it comes to women’s clothes, and there’s definitely nothing drab abo [...]

My Head is About to Explode or Why (my) feminism is Still Relevant 2.0

Unbelievable!!! Absolutely unbelievable. I had a good day, I listened to my cool guy friend give a cool lecture about the possibilities of d [...]

My Head is About to Explode or Why (my) feminism is Still Relevant (NSFW)

Fuck’s sake!!! Seriously, FOR. FUCK’S. SAKE. I had a good day, I listened to my cool guy friend give a cool lecture about the po [...]

Gay and Lesbian Literature at ARHS by Zoe Langsdale

It’s not at many public high schools that you can say that you’re taking a Gay and Lesbian Literature class. In fact, until last year, t [...]

Sneak Peek: One Billion Rising Events in London [...]

Have We Overcome Electra by Adriane Choukour

Decoding the No-Word Women’s transnational movements and protests are spreading via the Internet. They have already made a huge impac [...]

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