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Musical Heroes: Time and Conflict by Gabi Tartakovsky

Fandom is often misleading. The musicians who once graced your bedroom walls, staring down from colorful teenmag posters or artsy inner slee [...]

Music to Our Ears: The Young Women’s Music Project by Helen L.

Remember what it was like being a teenage girl? Buying your favourite music magazines and hardly ever seeing coverage of female artists in t [...]

Issue #8 Breaking Boundaries

GEEKS! Thanks to all of you lovely folks who have transferred your Kickstarter pledges over to our paypal page, we are well on the road to p [...]

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Hey GEEKS, As most of you know, we’re currently running a Kickstarter in order to bring the next issue of GEEKED back into print (as w [...]

Oh White Ladies… We’re Still Missing the Point

So this happened yesterday: There were, of course, two immediate reactions: straight up jubilatio [...]

Haaaaapy Birrrthday Toooo Ussss

Well GEEKS, we’re a year older and we’re feelin’ FINE!!! To celebrate, we are hosting a partay-partay and we want you̵ [...]

Tour Dates for Emilie Autumn’s ‘FLAG’ World Tour

Emilie Autumn’s third studio album Fight Like a Girl is an interpretation of Victorian treatment of the ‘mentally ill’ based on her b [...]

MCMExpo: The Final Roundup

We have come to the end of our first ComicCon as GEEKED and we really could not be more pleased, proud and pooped! We made new friends, sold [...]

Table of Contents for The Illustration Issue

A HUGE thanks to Marma Gilligan (who will receive a copy of Issue One, Issue Two and a voucher for free Anna Mae’s mac n’ chee [...]

Bristol is the place to be! by Anna Malzy

Dear GEEKED friends, This is just a little post to let you know about two rather exciting events coming up over the next couple of months. B [...]

Francesca Fini and the wonderful world of Video Art

As most filmmaking students when at university I developed a great passion for experimental and avant-garde short films. The freedom of usin [...]

Winner of the GEEKED Magazine Blog Contest: The Rainbow Theater by Shyeta Williams

Rainbow Theater is a damn good movement. A permanent part of every participant, both audience and performer. The theater group finds its ho [...]

Blue Stockings by Anna Malzy

Graduation. Do you remember yours? Mine, just a few short months ago, was a cheery, happy, exhaustingly wonderful day, when I got to have al [...]

Fine Line

I felt that “Fine Line” deserves to have a spot on “We Geeked This” because it was a great project adventure between [...]

Creative Activism and Three inspirational Female Artists.

Creative Activist: Noun. A person who uses thought and imagination to seek solutions and ignite positive change in our world. www.daneldon.o [...]

A Tree with many Branches.

I liken Oriental or Arabic dance to a huge, old tree with a vast amount of branches because there are many theories about the meaning of and [...]

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