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Musical Heroes: Time and Conflict by Gabi Tartakovsky

Fandom is often misleading. The musicians who once graced your bedroom walls, staring down from colorful teenmag posters or artsy inner slee [...]

Music to Our Ears: The Young Women’s Music Project by Helen L.

Remember what it was like being a teenage girl? Buying your favourite music magazines and hardly ever seeing coverage of female artists in t [...]

Issue #8 Breaking Boundaries

GEEKS! Thanks to all of you lovely folks who have transferred your Kickstarter pledges over to our paypal page, we are well on the road to p [...]

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Hey GEEKS, As most of you know, we’re currently running a Kickstarter in order to bring the next issue of GEEKED back into print (as w [...]

Oh White Ladies… We’re Still Missing the Point

So this happened yesterday: There were, of course, two immediate reactions: straight up jubilatio [...]

Tour Dates for Emilie Autumn’s ‘FLAG’ World Tour

Emilie Autumn’s third studio album Fight Like a Girl is an interpretation of Victorian treatment of the ‘mentally ill’ based on her b [...]

Hawt Trax by Empiyah Clothing

Issue 2, ‘My Alternative Valentine’, is practically burning holes in our pockets we’re so desperate to distribute! The lin [...]

Sue Denim at The Workshop in Road Trip Bar by Nadim Essop

I’ve always had a certain set of beliefs about my relationship to music (though, I will not be going into detail!!!), so I was very pl [...]

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