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Our Guest Bloggers are people who submit awesome things like videos, short pieces of fiction, essays and/or graphic shorts. Want to see your piece featured? Go to and we will get back to you if we see we can publish it!

Rooster Tails: A Gateway to the Trans* Experience by Lauren Maier

  People are gateways. We humanize the political and embody the abstract. By listening to others’ experiences of suffering, self-doub [...]

Becoming Manga by Zoe Burgess

So I’m a girl on a mission, an otaku (obsessive collector or something one is passionate about) mission to find a full way to express how [...]

Daughters of Anarchy by Elodie Vidal

I don’t know where this girl came from, but I can see her clearly in my mind’s eye. She leans against her Harley Davidson in the Califor [...]

Beastly Beverages: For all your Fantasy and Fandom tea blends by Ren Summers

It is typically considered that fan-art and fan-fictions are some of the most accessible and widely used creative forms of expressing a pass [...]

Dare to use the F-Word from Barnard College

Dare to Use the F-Word is a new monthly podcast series created by and for young feminists. Street harassment, food activism, body image an [...]

The Lady Business Monologue by Brenda Tobias

There is nothing quite like old movies, advertising or television shows when it comes to social anthropology. Nobody would confuse plot poin [...]

Social Brainwashing by Zoe Burgess

So how many of us have worked in an environment where we have felt a little like the only geek in the village? How many of us have been in t [...]

A GEEK Against Gok by Zoe Burgess

So we’ve all been there, lost confidence in our looks or bodies, felt uncomfortable about the person we are, and lonely because we don’t [...]

Tour Dates for Emilie Autumn’s ‘FLAG’ World Tour

Emilie Autumn’s third studio album Fight Like a Girl is an interpretation of Victorian treatment of the ‘mentally ill’ based on her b [...]

No Shelter from Darkness – Beth vs Buffy

In Issue Four, we interviewed author Mark Evans about his new novel, No Shelter From Darkness. Here are more of his thoughts on vampires, ma [...]

Halloween Party Bites

By now you know how much we here at GEEKED love Halloween, so following from Sam Crazy Aunt Susie’s Litter Box Cake – which was [...]

Girls Can’t Do Maths by Jessica Meats

  Apparently, girls can’t do maths. No one told me this when I was six years old so I was blissfully unaware of the fact as I worked [...]

Confessions of a Gamer by John Heal

There is a pretty large list of things I get labelled as, and a gamer is one of those things. After last weekend, I have something I really [...]

I Am Fire – Review by Beth Slater

    I AM FIRE by Rachael Smith I first came across Rachael at the MCM Expo in May, where she was selling her first full length com [...]

London Film and Comic Con Cosplay Top 10 by Beth Slater

Whilst the Geeked table was enjoying the hours of endless fun at London Film and Comic Con in Earl’s Court 2 over the weekend, we couldn& [...]

Gendered Fantasies and Fears in Science Fiction by Emerald Elizabeth

The divide between different male fantasies seems vast, but they all seem to stem from a similar desire. Power. In spy novels, the main char [...]

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