Atlantic City: a New Destination for Geek Pilgrimages by Aimee King

GuestBloggerAnyone that’s driven by their local movie theater or looked at a screen in the last five years knows that the geeks have inherited the Earth. Now they’re consolidating their foothold and taking over the strip at Atlantic City (as though they haven’t already snagged every convention space across the country). Atlantic City played host last week to the first annual Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (ACBC), which ushered the East Coast gaming mecca into the world of cosplay, comics and scores of fans.

Bleeding Cool put together a gallery of 278 shots from the convention and it looks like Atlantic City definitely started things off with a bang. Not only was it filled with cosplay contests and some of the most recognizable comic book icons in the industry (including Stan Lee), but the event also boasted an incredible array of classic vehicles. They included beloved nerd properties such as the Ecto-1 Cadillac from “Ghostbusters,” the Delorean from “Back to the Future,” and a cavalcade of Batmobiles and Bat-cycles from Adam West’s turn as the Caped Crusader all the way to Christian Bale’s Dark Knight. They even had the full suits of Iron Man armor created by Legacy EFX in addition to the Iron Patriot, Iron Monger, and the Mark XLIII, the 43rd variation on the classic crimson and gold armor recently seen in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

The four-day event played host to some of the top comic book publishers in the country, including Marvel, Boom! Studios, Aspen, and the newly reenergized Valiant Entertainment. It also had some of the coolest guests this side of San Diego like the aforementioned Stan the Man, Kevin Smith, the inimitable William Shatner (no musical performance by the Shat tho), actor Michael Rooker (known for “Walking Dead” and Yondu Udonta of “Guardians of the Galaxy”), Adam West and Burt Ward (the Batman and Robin from the much-beloved ’66 series), DMC of legendary rap duo Run-DMC, and so many others. Yeah, it was a little ridiculous.
Each night was closed out with a musical performance. Danish pop-rockers New Republic made an appearance, and there was even a special performance by Make-Out Monday. Not familiar to you by name? Well, they’re actually the band of Jeremy Shada (aka Finn from “Adventure Time”). Totes mathematical.

And being on the Atlantic City strip, con-goers weren’t required to stop festivities when the show floor closed for the evening. They were treated to some of the best hotels and casinos in the country. The convenience and amount of accommodation space really served to showcase how well the comic-con lends itself to cities like this with such a wide variety of attractions for both nerd and normcore alike. The con also provided booking for preferred hotels at some of the nicest spots on the strip like Bally’s, Caesar’s, and Harrah’s. Basically, attendees had the pick of the litter for wear they’d like to spend their weekend, and if you’d like to learn a little more about these venues, you can do so here.

ACBC made a big splash and a huge first impression with the comic community on its debut and fans can be sure to see a lot more from this con in the future. With a host of top name stars, top name talent, music and crazy cosplay coupled with the legendary nightlife of Atlantic City you can bet that more than a few people will be ditching San Diego for a convention with fewer crowds and more to do.



Aimee King is a freelance writer and blogger on all things nerd currently living in New York City. She likes to cover comics, cosplay and anything that screams geek. Aimee spends her free time crafting new costumes in her Queens apartment and forcing her cat, Reggie, to do the same. Follow her on Twitter @AimeeDKing 

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